Rocky Soaking Roman

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This hot-bodied and handsome young stud was always a pleasure to have around the studio and film and he loved to fuck with that big uncut cock of his as much as he loved to get fucked in that hot and tight ass of his. As much as we’re all fans of Rocky, Roman may very well be his newest and biggest fan now. Roman was eager to get his hands on Rocky the instant they met, and I can’t blame him for that! Thankfully for all of us, Roman didn’t have to wait long – he and Kyler tagteamed and had their way with Rocky in our special Halloween update. Now, though, Roman not only gets to have a much-wanted one-on-one session with Rocky, but also gets to take a ride on Rocky’s big cock!

The instant Rocky’s dick starts sliding in to Roman’s hole, you can just see in the look on Roman’s face he’s wanted this for awhile. You can also tell Rocky’s cock is hitting all the right spots in Roman. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”, Roman wails while Rocky’s big dick pounds a huge load out of him. Speaking of huge loads, Rocky’s is monumental! Even Roman is blown away by it, while being totally drenched in it!