Paco Rabo Goes Bitch For Jeffrey Lloyd

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There’s nothing more mouth-watering to a gay man than a huge cock tucked away in a tight pair of briefs of a skimpy Speedo. That’s why all of the men who spot Jeffrey Lloyd on the beach leave a trail of slobber in his wake. Everyone is desperate to service that huge uncut hog he’s trying to keep wrangled down south. Many men may want Jeffrey Lloyd, but not everyone can have him. One lucky guy, though, is Paco Rabo. This Italian stud is the picture of masculinity with his charcoal black beard and his muscular body. It didn’t much flirtation on Paco’s part to catch the attention of Jeffrey, who likes his men handsome and masculine, and submissive in bed. Jeffrey Lloyd and Paco Rabo take their passion to the Raw Alpha Males fuck room, where Paco’s servicing of Jeffrey’s uncut cock is caught on five different cameras!