Mitch Matthews & Ronny Mack

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When Mitch senses he’s being watched he bends over to work his hole, an invitation Ronny quickly accepts and comes over. Dominating Mitch with deep-voiced dirty talk, Ronny cock-teases his hole, opens it up with his fingers, spits on it and eats it before giving him what he’s begging for. Ronny fucks Mitch hard and pounds him hard, using his hole as Mitch wants him to do.

Mitch also pleases his man by sucking Ronny, deep-throating him and taking his face-fucking. Ronny seals their connection with kisses and soon reciprocates, happily sucking Mitch’s equally big dick. But, he eventually gets back to fucking Mitch with added passion, drilling him on his back atop a boulder, then screwing him from behind against another big rock.

Mitch thrives on the hard fucking soon and soon Ronny pulls out and give a huge reward. He shoots a waterfall of cum over Mitch, giving the awestruck bottom an open mouth facial. Mitch sucks Ronny dry and is still in a daze as Ronny departs. Alone once more, Mitch gets to his original goal: he jacks off and cums. BUT, is there more to his fun afternoon? If so, he’s ready, lubing his hole with his load.