Liam Stretches Chris

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Chris had no idea what was in store for him here, but I am absolutely certain he wasn’t about to complain! Chris has established himself as one of our most eager and enthusiastic bottoms and seeing him get fucked – with all of the obvious immense pleasure he gets out of that – is a huge treat. Seeing him take on a big dick? That just makes it all even better!

We saw that Liam is packing a big, thick cock in his introductory solo and his first bit of action where he got in to a blazing hot bi threeway with Dylan, so we all knew getting him paired up with Chris and burying that big dick in Chris’ hole was a must. It’d seem Chris and Liam were in total agreement with those plans also – the attraction between these two is obvious, they’re clearly turned on by one another, and once we unleash Liam on Chris here the energy is incredible.

To put it bluntly, Chris gets railed good and deep as Liam absolutely goes to town on his hole. All of that is enough to get Chris blasting out a massive load that flies across the room. Once Liam has fucked a load out of Chris, it’s Chris’ turn to use his skills as a bottom to work a load out of Liam – something he does masterfully as he bounces up and down on Liam’s cock, gripping it tight with his smooth hole until making Liam blow a load that Chris hungrily laps up.