Applicants Revenge – Alex Montenegro and King Heart

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King Heart has settled into his coffee shop gig when hiring manager Alex Montenegro enters, talking loudly on the phone. King is still raw from the cold-blooded rejection he experienced when he applied to work for him, and can’t help but bring up their history. Alex can see that their previous interaction affected him greatly, and offers to make it up to him.

King only has one main thing in mind… Fucking him just like he got fucked over. This time, tables have turned and King gets even with his cock, throat fucking the Latin hottie right there in the cafe. King eats out Alex’s bubble ass, fingering his hole, before plunging his stiff, cut cock deep in his ass. Alex is pounded by King’s cock, and cums ropes on King’s chin and all over his toned abs, before getting his smooth cheeks glazed and taking King’s hot cum pushed inside.